A selection of hot and cold meze, freshly made every day.

Soup of the day 5.50

Please ask a member of our staff for today’s daily soup

Hummus (V) 5.50

Mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice & garlic.

Tarama (V) 5.50

Freshly prepared cod roe (fish roe paste)

Cacik (V) 5.50

Diced cucumber mixed in garlic yoghurt with fresh mint.

Shak shuka (V) 5.50

Fried aubergine and potato mixed with pepper and tomatoes

Baba ganoush 5.50

Coal-roasted aubergine mixed with grilled peppers, yoghurt, tahini, olive oil & lemon.

Stuffed vine leaves (V) 5.50

Vine leaves stuffed with rice, turkish dried grapes & dill.

Feta cheese (V) 5.50

Feta cheese with fresh tomatoes and virgin olive oil.

Mixed olives & almonds (V) 5.00

Mixed black and green olives with virgin olive oil, mixed herbs & almonds.

Avocado prawn cocktail (V) 7.50

Baby prawns over mixed leaves topped with tomato, lemon juice, olive oil & homemade cocktail sauce.

Mix cold mezes 16.00

Hummus, Tarama, Cacik, Shak shuka, Baba ganoush & Stuffed vine leaves.

Halloumi (V) 7.50
Char-grilled Cypriot cheese with nigella seeds, honey & pomegranate dressing.

Falafel (V) 6.50
Deep fried patty balls made from broad beans, chickpeas, vegetable fritters & herbs. Served with hummus.

Mücver (V) 6.50
Fritters made with mixed courgette, feta cheese, eggs & mint. Served with yoghurt sauce.

Potato soufflé (V) 7.00
Crispy half potato skin, mashed potato, cheddar cheese served with sour cream.

Warm avocado (V) 7.00
Half avocado filled with red & green peppers, porchini mushrooms served with cheddar cheese sauce.

Garlic mushrooms (V) 6.50
Pan fried whole mushrooms blended with fresh garlic and herbs, served with melted cheese.

Hummus kavurma 8.00
Hummus, topped with pan fried, marinated chopped lamb & pine nuts.

Prawn caserole 9.00
Pan fried mixed prawns with tomato, peppers, garlic blended with butter. Served with cheese on top.

Sucuk 7.50
Char-grilled, Turkish spicy garlic beef sausage.

King Prawns 8.50
Pan fried king prawns with butter, garlic, fresh tomato, lemon juice & white wine.

Calamari 7.50
Deep fried fresh squid rings with homemade tartar sauce.

Sigara borek 7.00
Deep fried filo pastry rolls with feta cheese & dill. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Imam bayildi (V) 7.00
Deep fried aubergine stuffed with onions, tomato, peppers, garlic & turkish dried grapes. Served with feta cheese on top.

Chicken liver  7.50
Pan fried chicken liver with butter & herbs, served with marinated red onions.

Halloumi & mushrooms (V) 8.00
Pan fried, small cut halloumi with mushrooms, garlic & herbs.

Crispy Halloumi fried (V) 7.50
With honey and homemade pomegranate dressing

Chicken wings 6.00
4 pieces of charcoal grilled chicken wings, blended with cayenne pepper sauce.

Mix Hot Mezes (for 2 persons) 16.00
A platter with 2 pieces of each: sucuk, halloumi, falafel, calamari & sigara borek

Mix Hot Mezes (for 4 persons) 27.00
A platter with 4 pieces of each: sucuk, halloumi, falafel, calamari & sigara borek


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