Lunch menu

Our lunch menu is served Monday to Friday between 12pm and 4pm.

2 Courses 9.95 per person

3 courses 11.95 per person

Because we understand that time is limited during your lunch break, we welcome advance orders

Soup of The Day

Please ask a member of our staff for today’s daily soup

Hummus (V)

Puréed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice & garlic

Kisir (V)

Crushed wheat with oil, dill, mint, parsley, tomato, spring onion & lemon juice

Cacik (V)

Cucumber, mint & a hint of garlic yoghurt

Halloumi (V)

Char-grilled Cyprus cheese

Falafel (V)

Broad beans, chickpeas & vegetable fritters served with humus


Crispy calamari, chilli flakes & homemade tartar sauce

Shak Shuka (V)

Aubergine, chick peas, potatoes with special sauce

Chicken Wings

Louisiana chicken wings with rockford sauce

Adana Kebab

Lean, tender minced lamb, skewered & grilled over charcoal

Lamb Wrap

Lean, tender cubes of lamb, cheese, skewered & grilled over charcoal served with chips

Chicken Shish

Lean chunks of chicken breast, skewered & grilled over charcoal

Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings grilled over charcoal

Tagliatelle Alfredo

Sautéed chicken, mushroom double cream, basil & parmesan cheese

Lamb Moussaka

Minced lamb placed within layers of aubergines, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, mushrooms, onions, peas & mixed peppers & glazed over with a cheese & tomato béchamel sauce

Homemade Burger

Tomato, Lettuce, Pickled Gherkin, Caramelised onion, served in a homemade Bun with chips

Feta Cheese Salad (V)

Mixed leaves, walnuts, pomegranate, feta cheese, olive oil & homemade dressing

Veggie Mousakka (V)

Oven cooked Layer of aubergine, courgette, chickpeas, potatoes, mushroom, tomato, onion, garlic carrot & home made sauce, coated with cheese

Imam Bayildi (V)

Aubergine stuffed with onions, tomatoes, peppers, garlic & simmered in olive oil served with salad

Kuru Dolma (V)

Sun-dried peppers & tomatoes filled with aromatic rice, fresh tomato sauce & yoghurt

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti with a rich beef & homemade Napolitano or Bolognese sauce

Caesar Salad

Chicken fillet, lettuce, parmesan cheese, anchois, mixed leaves, kruto, cherry tomatoes & homemade sauce

Tuna Salad

Mix leaves, tuna fish, tomato, sweetcorn, smoked red peppers, copers & homemade sauce

Salmon Salad

Mix leaves, smoke salmon, tomato, sweetcorn, smoked red peppers, copers & homemade sauce

Sutlac (Rice Pudding)



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