Christmas and New Year Menu

2 Courses 23.95 per person
3 Courses 27.95 per person

Mix Cold Meze

Spoon Of Each Hummus • Tarama Cacik • Shak Shuka & Wine Leaf

Mix Veggie Hot Meze (V)

A Piece Of Each Halloumi • Falafel • Mucver & Sigara Boregi

King Prawns

Pan fried king prawns with butter, garlic, fresh lemon juice & white wine

Hummus Kavurma

Hummus, topped withpan fried marinated chopped lamb

Mix Hot Meze

A Piece Of Each Halloumi • Sucuk Calamari • Falafel & Sigara Boregi

Warm Avocado (V)

Half avocado filleted with red & green peppers, porcini mushrooms with cheddar cheese sauce

Halloumi & Mushrooms (V)

Pan Fried, Small Cut Halloumi & Mushrooms with Herbs

Chicken on the Bone

Special cut marinated chicken legs, cooked on charcoal grill. Served with oven baked creamy potatoes.

Chicken roll

Flat cut chicken breast, filleted with marinated mixed vegetables and herbs. Served with spinach and oven baked potatoes.

Begendili Kebab

Julian cut lamb, cooked over charcoal grill and drizzled with butter and herbs in pan. Served on special marinated eggplant.

Falafel (V)

Deep fried doughnut-shaped patty, made from broad beans, chickpeas, vegetable fritters and herbs. Served with hummus and rice.

Mixed Shish

Combination of lamb and
chicken shish. Served with mix vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Mixed Kebab

Combination of lamb shish, chicken shish and adana kebab. Served with mashed potatoes and mix vegetable.

King Prawns

Pan fried king prawns with garlic, fresh tomatoes, white wine, sweet chilli and homemade tomato and peppers sauce with herbs.


Char-grilled salmon fillet. Served with creamy oven baked, potatoes spinach and hollandaise sauce.


Marinated seabass fillets, cooked over charcoal grill. Served with mashed potato, mix vegetables and hollandaise sauce.

Lokma Kebab

De-boned chine of lamb, cut from the high end of the rib bone, to produce a flavoursome medallion. Served with mashed potatoes and mix vegetables.

Islim kebab

Diced meat pieces mixed with vegetables and herbs, wrapped in grilled sliced aubergine and cooked in oven. Served on begendi dip with rice on side.

Sarma Beyti

Minced lamb or chicken skewer grilled over charcoal grill and wrapped in thin lavash bread with cheese. Sliced cut on the plate with homemade tomato and peppers sauce, melted cheese and yogurt.

Imam Bayildi (V)

Aubergine stuffed with onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, Tulum cheese and simmered in olive oil served with rice and salad

Baklava (V)

Served with vanilla ice cream

Apple crumble (V)

Served with custard

French Macarons (V)

Six different flavoured macarons served with warm chocolate.

Tiramisu (V)

Delicious, authentic Turkish food